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About the Company

Adzi Jasari. Owner of MossBoss NYC

Adzi Jasari

Meet the founder and Artist at MossBoss NYC. 

"For me, my artwork is an extension of the outdoors. By using preserved moss in all my installations,

I bring the outdoors in".

After working for more than twenty years in the medical field, I decided to take some time to travel the world. Inspired by it's beauty, I began creating my artwork as a fun weekend project that quickly morphed into a passion and a whole new career venture for me.

Having been born and raised in NYC, the concrete jungle can wear me down. I found that nature can be  reenergizing. MossBoss NYC became a way for me to bring nature to others.

MossBoss was created by pure luck and a happy accident.
After a trip to Scotland, Adzi fell in love with moss and needed some in his home.  He knew with his busy life and like most other humans, he kills all his plants.
His struggle to keep real moss alive was Hard! 

He found an alternative, Preserved Moss.

What is preserved moss?
Preserved moss is real moss treated in a glycol solution that’s softens the moss allowing its beauty to last, with no maintenance, for years to come. Using an organic approach while creating his artwork, the aim to mimic the moss as it would grow in its natural environment. These unique wall hangings bring the outdoors in without sunlight and the need to water or fertilizer.  
We specialize in custom artwork, corporate logos, marketing and advertising artwork.
 Our art is perfect for any room, hallway, bathroom, restaurant or office without the hassle of installing an irrigation system.  

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Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Hand Built Frames

Behind the scenes



Imaged of Moss art. Bedroom


image of the owner in the MossBoss NYC shop.


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