24" x 24" x 3" MossBoss NYC wall art.


24" x 24" MossBoss NYC wall art. 

Frame is made from 80+ yr old reclaimed barn wood. This frame is unfinished and unstained. This is one of a kind and is handmade in our workshop here in NYC. Pre-made art work ready to ship. This framed art uses several species of preserved moss, ferns and flowers for a more natural look and feel. 

Preserved Moss Wall Art that brings life to any room. Our Moss is maintenance free and keeps its shape, color and vibrancy for years to come. Unique Artwork for any home, office, or business. 

Bring the outdoors in!


Free Shipping within the United States.


Reclaimed Wood 24"x24"

  • Keep out of direct sunlight

    Use feather duster to remove any dust when needed.

    Do not water

    For indoor use only

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